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Prostate massage comes with pleasure, as well as health benefits

Prostate massage is a very controversial topic. Some men reject it because it takes place through the rectum, other ones have put their worries aside and indulge in prostate massage regularly.

And we’re not surprised. The area of perineum, rectum and prostate are strong erotogenic zones and stimulating them can bring unprecedented pleasure. If you try prostate massage once, you’ll fall in love with it and it will probably become an essential part of your sex life.

Not only is it unusually enjoyable, there are a lot of discussions about its health benefits as well. Therefore, it gives you an amazing opportunity to have a good time, while doing something for your health.

Prostate problems

With its size and shape, it’s often compared to a walnut. It is a sex gland located between the bladder and the root of the penis. The urethra through which sperm is also released out of the body, goes through the center of the prostate.

You might’ve heard that with age, the prostate oftentimes grows bigger. It can reach the size of a plum and constrict the urethra so much that it leads to various unpleasant symptoms that primarily older men complain about.

These might be:

  • a frequent need to urinate
  • issues with starting urination
  • weak urination stream
  • an inability to empty out the bladder completely

Prostate problems can also lead to incontinence and inflammation of the prostate and bladder or weakened functioning of kidneys.

Potential health benefits of prostate massage

Both in the academic and amateur world, potential benefits of prostate massage are being discussed more and more.

Many alternative medicine practitioners believe that this massage can reduce the level of prostate inflammation, because the constriction of the urethra is released. Some say it’s even good prevention of prostate enlargement and erectile dysfunction

There was a study focused on the health benefits with 115 participants that suffered from enlarged prostate. In the beginning of the research, they had no previous experience with prostate massage, but started regularly stimulating it using a special device intended for it. All of them noticed relief from unpleasant symptoms related to an enlarged prostate.

Correct procedure

Prostate massage requires an unusually careful approach. This area is very sensitive and can easily tear.

Within our services, we do prostate massages on a regular basis. We ensure to be as hygienic as possible and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Before we embark on prostate massage, we will clarify the way it will go and answer your eventual questions.

It is important to lubricate. We use quality, anal lubricating gels in our salon. You can buy them, for example, from our supplier of erotic aids:


Within our services, we do prostate massages on a regular basis. We ensure to be as hygienic as possible and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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