Nuru massage


The word NURU comes from Japanese and it lubricous. Which is the main feature of the special NURU gel made from seaweed in Japan. This gel has a thick consistency – visually it reminds some kind of lubricant. This special gel is not sticky but it slides nicely and gently.

The gel is soluble in water so you do not have to worry about being oily or greasy. NURU gel is not some kind of oil and also it is washable with ordinary water. Thanks to its natural origin it has beneficial antibacterial and nutritional effects on human skin. Skin remains soft and hydrated. NURU gel is popular all over the world… In our salon we use the original NURU gel.

NURU massages were the domain of the Orient / far East. Recently this kind of massage is slowly expanding all over the world and becoming a hot new trend on the field of erotic massages.



NURU massage starts with a nice shower you share with a masseuse. She will give you a gentle massage during the shower. And then you will go into the room where everything will be ready for NURU massage. We use a large heated matress with an impermeable cover and also we use inflatable mattress.

The masseuse will lubricate her naked body and yours with NURU gel and everything is ready… NURU massage is body on the body massage so there is friction during the whole process. The masseuse will start sliping on your body using the weight of her own lubricated body. You will be surprised how the NURU massage can be original and you will not forget it so easily.

Massage is very refreshing especially in warm days.

NURU massages are finished by hand culmination or culmination between the masseuse´s breasts. Your orgasm is possible also during the massage itself because of body friction.

We use true NURU gel.

We look forward to your visit!

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