Tantra massage

Tantra massages are the most popular massages at all. We also offer you a Tantra massages in a pleasant atmosphere of our Prague massage salon. You can cross your limits with us and discover something new and learn the power of your own erotic!


Tantra massage is often referred like the queen of all massages. Massage brings you feeling of  maximal relaxation and also achieving very pleasant feelings. These feelings will stay inside you long after the massage.

Tantric massages are the combination of sensual ritual and gentle touch – an intimate massage that strengthens your sexual energy in your body and allows you to perceive every touch with all the senses and nerves. Thanks to the tantric massage you will step out of the limits of everyday life and give yourself up to the present moment. We combine elements of ancient Tantric-Taoist techniques and classic massage techniques during the massage.



You will be greatly taken care of during the tantric massage. You will be able to enjoy a variety of touches with soft hands and scarf or fur. Massage takes place in the pleasant atmosphere of our salon where the atmosphere is underlined by the decent tones of relaxing music scent of feathers or petals. There are also flaming candles.

The professional masseuse will guide you through the technique of tantric breathing – it will allow you to reach beyond the gates of perfect physical and mental relaxation. There willbe flowing unreal energy through you body you have not experienced before.

Tantric massage is a healing massage which is underlined by an intimate mood. Massage can include massage of the prostate.


Tantric massage will calm you down – also it will open new ways of your energy up and allow you to explore the sexual limits of your body.
Visit our massage salon in Prague and feel gentle touches of our beautiful masseuses. Let it go nicely. Tantra massage will bring you:

• understanding your own body
• discovering the limits of your sexuality
• release of accumulated energy
• relax
• a new experience of excitement

We look forward to your visit!

This site does not offer sexual services, it is used to mediate erotic massage between the client and the masseuse or masseur. The condition of advertising is to rent a room in the massage parlor.