Penis massage (Lingamu) – TOP in Prague

Luxury penis massage (Lingamu) – TOP in Prague

Almost infinite excitement from the beginning to the end and the power of rediscovered energy that is pulsating through your whole body –  these are the main attributes of tantric lingam massages – technique that will bring you to the highest level of your sexuality that you haven´t even had any idea…

The endless ecstasy

Lingam means a „penis“ in the ancient sanskrit language. Massage of your intimate parts will not only wake your sexual energy up but  it has regenerative and healing effect as well. During the intimate massage of this kind the hormones of happiness are also released into the body. The delicate masseuse´s touches  will give you feeling of endless and the ecstasy associated with this will bring you feelings you haven´t known yet. You will feel like a being born again.

The tantric lingam massage is based on Kamasutra and the taoist approach to erotica. Its purpose is not an immediate climax – on the contrary, the purpose of the massage is delay the climax as much as possible. In this way you can discover the unexpected possibilities of your body, your sexual fantasy and also you will dive into the depths of your own erotic. In addition, tantric lingam massage helps to achieve harmony between physical and spiritual realm.

The waves of excitement

The client lies on his back during the massage and an experienced, beautiful masseuse gives her attention to the intimate parts and pelvis. The intimate atmosphere full of the smell of wooden sticks and massage oil and underlined by the pleasant tones of relaxing music and soft candle light makes whole experience much stronger and multiplied. Tantric lingam massage also has a healing effect – there is special massage technique which causes right blood circulation in your penis and also gives feeling of deep relax.

Tantric lingam massage ends with your climax. Because the climax is delayed as much as possible during this massage and the right flowing of energy is intensely stimulated during the massage you will reach an unexpected pleasure that passes through your whole body in the powerful waves. The ultimate climax is so powerful that you will discover unknown experience of ecstasy.

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