Massage of prostate – Prague

Prostate is often neglected part of male body, which is nicknamed male G-spot sometimes. It’s placed inside of pelvis and its massage is not only very pleasant, but also very exciting – it brings deep and high intensity sexual experience to men. Moreover it works like effective prevention – and that’s the extra reason, why to visit us and try this special, but very exciting kind of massage underlined special atmosphere, on your own skin!


Massage starts with soft touches and massage the place between testicles and anal opening. Many men react to touches on these places by exciting and sexual tension. Massage continues to anal opening and then through the anal opening. It’s the massage inside there with the help of latex glove and sufficient amount of very gentle oil or lubricating gel.


This spot around rectum is very intimate place for many men, just rectum is very sensitive and its massage can be the reason for embarrassment. Many men are also afraid of pain. But there is no reason to worry about. Massage of prostate shouldn’t be painful because the masseuse will prepare the whole area around for massage very thoroughly. Stimulation occurs when you are totally ready for massage.


There is a need to take off the shame during the massage and forget about embarrassment and you just have to release. The masseuse and her soft touches will make the atmosphere, which will allow you to relax with the massage. It’s running mostly on your belly, where you can receive that best. And also it’s the most comfortable position for that. We recommend to let this free flow in all respects.

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