6 myths and mistakes about erotic massage you should know

The fingers and palms relax with muscular tension with gentle movements, and a splendid feeling of relaxation and excitement spreads through the body. Erotic massage can be achieved not only by the elimination of stress and physical and psychological tension. It is a very pleasant way to stimulate sexual energy, to stimulate your libido and also to better understand the needs of your body and the limits of your intimacy. Erotic massage is a relaxation and sexual experience that will leave you feeling something special. Just the fact that there are over 3 million cells, 50 nerve endings, and 90 cm of blood vessels on the coin’s human skin, tells how strong the perception permeates with the human body during massage.

Erotic massage is not anymore a social taboo and it is very popular among salon clients. This is an exciting experience that a professional masseur or masseuse will bring to you. Although this massage is based on classic massage techniques, its distinct aspect is unlimited intimacy.

The purpose is to excite the client with sensitive touches and bring him deep relaxation, not to excite them with the excitement of sexual irritation only in the genital area. Still, there is still a perception among people that there is something inappropriate at the borderline of prostitution. The guilt is mainly on the „myths“ and the mistakes associated with this massage. Let’s look at the top six of them close up.


1. Sex means coitus, cohabitation

First, we have to start defining the concept of sex. Although many Czechs still think that sex is always connected with intercourse, that is, with sexual intercourse, it is not so. The very coincidence that lasts for several minutes when penis penetrates into the vagina or anal opening is a 10 percent or less fraction of what sex involves. It is a varied palette of oral satisfaction, petting, cuddling, intimate touch, kissing or even innocent courtship. The very fact that the coitus is considered only 3-7 minutes when the penis penetrates repeatedly into the vagina or anal opening, asks us how to mark the rest of the time filled with intimacy. Sex is like a bulky book that contains anything that is associated with your physical and mental excitement.

2. Erotic massage is infidelity

Probably the most burning issue that is negatively associated with erotic massage is the question of infidelity.

At this point, it is clear that erotic massage is not related to sexual intercourse. This myth encounters quite often.

Present quality salons are clearly defined in this respect, and their clients are exaggerating that other sexual services are excluded from erotic massage. If you get an orgasm during a massage, it is proof that the masseuse or masseur has done their job well and your sexual energy has gone in the right direction. The issue of unbelief involves mutual trust between partners and their own self-confidence. If people trust each other, erotic massage should not be an obstacle. On the contrary, they could help and give their relationship a new dimension.

3. Sexual intercourse is necessary to your satisfaction

This myth is related to how deeply rooted the idea of ​​sex is in the conservative and flat imagination of its forms. Sex is not primarily about sexual intercourse. Sexual satisfaction has a lot of forms, whether we talk about oral sex, kissing, masturbation, polishing and other tenderness, or the use of sexual aids. Numerous people are also excited by their own imagination or imagination. They can culminate, for example, only when observing a love act.

4. Erotic massage is just a more appealing name for prostitution and „covers“ a private salon

It has to be said that clients can encounter salons of various types in their search. In the case of an unprofessional enterprise, it may happen that you get into an environment that will stand on the thin line of family or prostitution, where the masseuse will not have the trouble to continue beyond the limit of erotic massage and, for an extra charge, provide the client with sexual services. However, in the case of a quality salon, such a thing is excluded. Current professional salons clearly define and follow their rules.

5. During erotic massage, you must not reach the masseuse

It’s just the closeness of the bodies and some sort of harmony that gives erotic massage its extraordinary dimension. It is natural for a client to share the experience with a massage and to pass on their energy.
Everything depends on a clear agreement between the client and the masseuse and on the pre-declared salon rules. Erotic massage, of course, does not remove the touch of genitalia, but in the case of a masseuse it is a professional procedure, not a „prelude“.

6. Erotic massage is the same as a tantric massage

These two concepts in clients often merge into one. However, in certain forms of tantric massage, touching does not have to happen at all. A masseur or a masseuse can also do you in the form of a tantric breath that helps to increase physical and mental relaxation. Tantric massage can also work with the so-called energetic orgasm, when sexual energy rises and culminates without the masseur stimulating the genitals.

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