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Progress of massage

Booking massages

You have to make a telephone reservation for a specific masseuse. Every one of them has her own techniques, offering a pleasant and exciting way of massaging. The individual approach may result in her not being the perfect choice for everyone, that’s why you have to choose a girl that will be the best for you and fulfil every requirement you may have. You can get to know more about the girls through their profiles. Upon your arrival, you ought to call us to let us know you came, our masseuse will come for you and take you to the room prepared for your erotic massage. You will be offered something to drink, and afterwards you will be explained how the procedure will be done. If you have anything you would like to include in the massage, or if you have any special requests, you will have time to discuss it before the massage.

Massage progress

You may begin by showering together, thanks to that you will be fully relaxed and prepared for the erotic massage. After that, you will proceed to the room lighted by candles and with ambient music, and the real excitement will begin. The girl is completely nude during the whole massage, enhancing the erotic moment. The massage is done with the use of massage emulsion, essential oils or nuru gel, depending on the type of the massage you’ve chosen. During the procedure, the masseuse uses not only her hands, but her whole body (body to body contact), paying attention to every part of your body, not letting your private parts to be untouched. You will be slowly brought to the edge of pleasure. Everything is done in complete discretion. The most important thing is your satisfaction.

Our masseuses will do everything they can for you to be satisfied as much as possible.

The girls will offer you massages with unlimited happy endings.

Experience massages filled with passion.

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This site does not offer sexual services, it is used to mediate erotic massage between the client and the masseuse or masseur.
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