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Secret History of erotic massages

Like a never-ending waterfall of excitement that is full of all your senses, like a violent tidal wave of passion and sensuality that swept away with all its negation, physical tension and mental stress after its powerful impact-such is the power of erotic massage. How far do the roots of this popular phenomenon reach? Where is the beginning of the art of touch that brings your body to ecstasy? In answering these questions, we must go to the very beginning of humanity …


The art of touch

Already the primeval people in their unbridled wildness knew the healing effect of the massage. Indeed, the word itself means rub and knead– bringing tired relief to the tired muscles. The oldest documentary about the massage, however, comes from ancient mystical Egypt. However, the Far East is considered to be the cradle of “the art of healing touch“. For example, from Japan comes Nura Massage – an ancient erotic ritual, which is also called a “slippery massage,” in which the heart rate increases and every muscle of the body, including intimate parts, is bloody.

The “mother of a healing touch” is rightly considered China. The oldest writings here speak of acupuncture and acupressure. However, the art of erotic massage here has been conceived for centuries in secret, and only in a very narrow group of initiates. From these places, these techniques came to Europe and to the rest of the world.

Classical massages also developed in ancient Greece and Rome, where many doctors and philosophers devoted them. It has to be added that erotic massage has certainly had its place here. It is hard to imagine that in the history of ancient Rome, which is full of sexual scandals, intrigue and affections or spicyness from the imperial court, they have not left their mark.

Mocná sexuální energie

Massages were also part of various rituals in these times. Many communities have realized that sexual energy is the basic energy of the human body, and in a variety of mystical practices it has given it a free flow. Healthly developed sexuality is nothing to be tabooed or suppressed, just as it did in the later days of the Middle Ages. Sexual energy is one of our naturalities, and its development is important for both physical and mental health. This fact was realized by the already mentioned Chinese people who discovered the Taoist erotic massage. It releases the body and passes through important energy channels. It is a great way to have a complete and deep experience of sexual experience

The elderly Indians also perceived the importance of their own sexuality. Their knowledge was reflected in the “Textbook of Love” or “Lesson of Pleasure” – Camasutra. This ancient erotic pillar, which describes over 80 sexual positions, also talks about the right touch and breathing that helps unlock sexual energy.

Therapeutic power of orgasm

Into western civilization, erotic massages penetrated a little slower than classical. During the Middle Ages, the whole great subject of sex and eroticism was tabooed. The Church regarded the physical delight and the associated experiences of the sins for which people were also persecuted.

The healing power of erotic massages was rediscovered by the arrival of the Renaissance in the 16th century. At this time, for example, female hysteria was treated – doctors gently rubed their sex until they reached orgasm. Over time, this healing method has been improved and later vibrators have been invented.

Over the centuries, erotic massage has consolidated its position to the form we know it today. It is an amazing tool for understanding sexuality and the limits of one’s own intimacy, the origins of which go back to the dawn of the human race itself and which has been developed over the millennium while not losing any of its strength and beneficial effects. A powerful energy filled with the wisdom of times, which has a huge healing potential and leads you to the very peak of physical and mental ecstasy.






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