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    Welcome to the exciting world of erotic massages. Our discreet salon is located in Prague, district Prague 2, near to “I.P. Pavlova” stop.

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    You do not have experience with erotic massages so far and want to know how the whole first massage take place? We have prepared for you a summary description of the during the entire massage.

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    Our masseuses willing to fulfill your secret wishes. Look for extra Luxury massage services.

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    You are one sexy masseuse? Treat yourself to a massage by two beautiful masseuses at once including hot lesbishow for special price;-)

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  • NEW – Ice massage

    Tantalizing ice massage with ice cubes. Refreshing massage will stimulate and pleasantly cool on hot summer days.
    Air-conditioned rooms. Refreshing homemade lemonades with ice served during each massage.
    60 min 1600 CZK
    90 min  2100 CZK

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MASSAGING TODAY 10:00 - 16:00
18 y/o
Height: 160
Weight: 50
MASSAGING TODAY 10:00 - 22:00
20 y/o
Height: 160
Weight: 56
MASSAGING TODAY 10:00 - 16:00
20 y/o
Height: 169
Weight: 53
Hi, my name is Kerol and I’m 20 years old thin blond lady who just starts with massages. On the other hand I’m looking forward to something new and primarily to see you. I will try hard so that you will like your stay.
MASSAGING TODAY 10:00 - 22:00
20 y/o
Height: 173
Weight: 52
Ahoj jmenuji Alex jsem 20 letá sexy masérka.Zvu vás na příjemně strávené chvilky plné něhy, vášně a relaxu. Máte chuť se nechat rozmazlovat vzrušujícími doteky? Nabízím vám erotickou masáž celého těla, masíruji nahá. Ráda ti udělám příjemnou masáž spojenou s ručním vyvrcholením.
MASSAGING TODAY 10:00 - 22:00
18 y/o
Height: 170
Weight: 48
Hi, I'm Linda, 18 year old blonde lady, and I can offer you massage with warm oil or sliding nuru gel. It's mainly professional massage, during which I will touch not only with my hands, but also with my whole body. I will take care of every inch of your body.
MASSAGING TODAY 10:00 - 16:00
X y/o
Height: X
Weight: X
The vast majority of men feel intense excitement when watching two women enjoying each other. How can that be explained? Men like to get teased with visual cues. And lesbian shows in Prague Erotic massage salon are full of them. Man is a passive spectator whose desire is escalating as the show goes on. Two girls kissing is a beautiful sight for men.
MASSAGING TODAY 16:00 - 22:00
21 y/o
Height: 170
Weight: 60
21 y/o
Height: 161
Weight: 55
I like to enjoy it, I love erotic massage and everything related to it: common shower, oil, candles, touches, climax. Together we will find your erotogenic zones, which I will pay maximum attention to. We will pamper and pamper each other.
19 y/o
Height: 165
Weight: 52
20 y/o
Height: 167
Weight: 55
MASSAGING 26.10. 10:00 - 16:00
19 y/o
Height: 168
Weight: 55
A young brunete masseuse with the devil in the flesh and firm breasts invites masters level, an unforgettable experience. I’ll spoil you with their experienced touch and play with your imagination. I know the perfect male body and I can hear him, I can empathize with your every cell, unite your breath with your and bring you far beyond your outermost desires and ideas. Sexual services are not provided. Looking forward to you.
MASSAGING 26.10. 16:00 - 22:00
18 y/o
Height: 160
Weight: 52
Hello, I am masseuse with a beautiful figure and a very positive přístupek erotic massage. Glad handing out joy, smile and pleasure. Meet me at the Nuru massage or erotic. I offer happy hour massage of the penis, where he'll spend continuously in and out of the experience stronger. I look forward to see you 🙂
MASSAGING 27.10. 10:00 - 18:00
20 y/o
Height: 167
Weight: 55
I am very beautiful Mia, i'll make you very relaxing oil massage with my naked body .Come to me and we will enjoy it together. Waiting for You, your I miss the touch, excitement and pleasant relaxation? Thanks to clever my hands and my little body will experience ultimate relaxation that you wish and you will not easily forget. Erotic massage has fun and filling. I am kind and pleasant lady at which you feel great and you will leave full of energy. Come enjoy a massage in a beautiful studio where forget all your problems and fully Will You Marry my art. Believe me you will not regret it. I look forward to seeing you 🙂

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Girl review - Terezka
martin 10:06 wrote
Opět jsem navštívil váš salon a opět jsem si k masáži zvolil Terezku, ale tentokrát i Ninu a musím říct, že to byl neuvěřitelný zážitek! Dvě hodiny s dvěma krásnýma a šikovnýma masérkama je asi sen každého muže! Takže děvčeata děkuji za krásný zážitek a již se na Vaší úžasnou masáž opět těším:-)!!!

beatiful studio, more beautiful masseuse and your satisfaction is our goal

We are pleased to invite to a discreet salon at Prague 2, I.P.Pavlova. Here, you can enjoy relaxation and erotica. We offer erotic, tantra and nuru massages of the whole body (head, neck, cervical spine, back, arms and legs) and groin area. Our masseuses provide body to body massages, breast massage, prostate massage, mutual shower (Aqua massage), autoeroticism and erotic touching, finished by hand.

The masseuses give every one of our clients quality, whole body erotic massage. Are you exhausted from work and in a need of relaxation, reducing stress and experience something extraordinary? Combine the pleasant and the useful with our erotic massage. It’s up to you, if you want to have a conversation during the massage, or just loosen up. Contrary to the private services, a massage is more sensual, as the touch of the masseuses will do miracles with your body. The massages are done by hands and the whole body, and you will see that the magic is not in the sex, but in the touch itself.

We tried to set up an ideal environment for erotic massages. There are 3 cosy rooms offered and the massage itself is performed on a heated mat 2 by 2 metres. Thanks to the soft light, ambient candles and relaxing music, the massage will bring you great pleasure. We have also gift certificates available for your friends.

We are not a private apartment service provider and we do not offer classic or oral sex. No exceptions!

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, whose intentions or behaviour violates our rules!

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Types of massage

Erotic massage

eroticke-masaze-300x196Erotic massages discover potential of the body. There is a possibility to raise and postpone the excitement. It can open for you a new world of feelings. Erotic massage is a great way to gain sexual energy, relaxation, as well as excitement, passion and encouragement. Sensitive touches our masseuses release tension and endorphins start to flow. These bring pleasure and relaxation. Enjoy relax and erotic in our salon. We are looking forward to your visit.

Nuru massage

nuru-masaze-300x200Nuru massage includes a lot of sliding techniques that will enhance blood flow in your body. Body to body contact, slow, sliding movements and rubbing with the intimate parts of the body provide men a very deep experience and extreme excitement. Ending using lubricious gel is an unforgettable experience. Nuru massage is very energetic, and due to the use of the whole body the massage extends deeper inside one’s body, close to the internal organs. Pressure applied on the body bursts blood flow in the skin, muscles, even internal organs, and thanks to the procedure you will feel relaxed and energized for a long time after the massage. Nuru massage is a difficult procedure, which, if done correctly, requires a lot of physical activity. Afterwards, you are awarded with a long lasting feeling of satisfaction.

More about Nuru massage here

Tantric massage

tantra-masaze-300x225 Tantra massage is called the queen of all massages, as the effects are complete relaxation and pleasant feelings. Come and experience a new dimension of sensual relaxation, as the tantra massage will release all your built-up energy. Tantra massage will fully revive you, and is the best way to leave everything unpleasant behind you. During the massage, you will be caressed by many types of touch, from gentle strokes with hands or a scarf, to more dynamic kneading. Everything is accompanied by soft music and sweet scents of flowers and fur. Tantra massage gives you an opportunity to experience completely different kind of excitement. It moves the borders of intimacy. We offer tantra massages for men, women and pairs.

Tenga egg

1192upload_00000665-300x168This massage contains most of the methods included in many other erotic massages and it’s done by beautiful and sexy masseuses. Another important thing is for the massage to be done in the most intimate environment, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. The masseuse will touch your whole body before the use of tenga egg, to make you relax and prepare you for the wave of pleasant feelings. However, the best is still waiting for you. The masseuse will unpack a new tenga egg, so you can be sure nobody used it before. Afterwards, she will apply lubricant inside the egg to reduce unpleasant friction inside it. Then she will insert the head of your penis inside the egg and firstly start moving it slowly, after that moving it more intensively up and down on your shaft. The texture inside the egg will provide maximal stimulation.

Soap massage

mydlova-masaz-300x214Massage using soap comes from Turkey, where this oriental technique is very popular and sought-after. The massage is done using soap foam, and the whole experience is from the very beginning very pleasant. First, you take a shower with the masseuse to warm yourself. After that, you will move to a room, where you will be scrubbed with a special sponge that will improve your blood circulation in every part of your body. Soapy foam is applied next, with a natural sea sponge, and the massage may start. It’s very pleasant to look at woman body covered in bubbles. We strongly recommend a soap massage, as it’s very exciting and pleasant. The masseuse will take care of your whole body. The massage ends with your climax 😉

Massage with hot stones

masaz-lavovymi-kameny-300x196Hot stone massage is considered to be one of the most luxurious techniques. Its effects will surely satisfy even the most demanding clients. You will feel extremely relaxed long after the massage, feeling pleasant heat. The techniques originate in Hawaii, thus sometimes called Hawaiian hot stone massage. The massage overcomes classical massage methods effects on both your body and your mind. You will fell complete relaxation and harmony, as the stones have extraordinary energetic vibration and are heated in water bath to 40 – 50 °C. This rhythmic massage using palms and arms, together with the hot stones, is for everyone seeking relax and erotica at the same time. The massage is finished by an oil erotic massage with a happy ending. Idea time for the massage is during autumn and winter.


Let two masseuses massaging you at the same time pamper you and experience something extraordinary! We offer you a four-hand massage with two masseuses. Your body will be coddled from your toes, through legs, groin, arms, abdomen, back, neck, shoulders and private parts. The combination of various massage techniques will enhance the whole erotic atmosphere. Enjoy this unique approach and the doubled sensual touch from our masseuses.

Everything begins with a mutual shower with the masseuses, as the proximity of the naked, wet bodies will be very exciting. Massaging proceeds being completely naked and you can touch your masseuses all over their bodies. You will be offered mutual pleasuring. During the massage, your whole body will be taken care of, mainly the erogenous zones. Thanks to closeness of the bodies, you will smell their scent and see how their tongues search for their most intimate body parts. You can watch how they play together or join them, everything within our rules. They offer you sexy bodies, professional touches, seductive looks and tenderness.

Pair massage is a perfect choice for you if you want to brighten up or liven up your sexual life. It’s very important for you to discuss with your partner how you want the massage to be done, what do you want to include and how it’s suppose to finish. It’s always better to limit the massage the way the more moderate partner wants it to be. The main goal of the massage is the satisfaction of both partners. It is well know that men love the presence of two naked women, even more when they are touching each other. Imagine how you hold hands with your girlfriend and the masseuses are sensually touching you. You can enjoy beautiful moments and experience them with your significant other. If you’d like, you can take the role of the masseur or masseuse yourself and massage your girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s not rare to be extremely excited during the massage and it’s completely up to you how the procedure will finish. The masseuses will be pleased to caress and tease you as much as you want, and if you’d like to have a moment for mutual intimacy with your partner, you will be given the opportunity. A shower, which can be taken together with your partner, is ready for you after the massage. We present you an erotic massage for both partners with an ending of your choice. Be pampered by a masseuse or enjoy an exciting sex with your partner, everything is up to your imagination. 🙂

Relaxing, erotic and intimate massage are not only for men. Let your significant other be taken care of with a lot of tenderness. Surprise them with a gift certificate for a massage. Even though we specialize in erotic massages for men, we have not forgotten about the women, who are embarrassed or simply not want to be massaged by a man. If you’d like, you will be taken care of by one of our beautiful and kind masseuses. They are very emphatic and they will quickly find out what feels good to you. Do you prefer soft fondling of your neck or back, or a sensual massage? Then you will find our services suited for you. If you are not familiar with the feeling of a beautiful girl fondling and softly massaging your private parts, you don’t know what you are missing. Who else should know what women like the most? A woman, of course! During the massage, the masseuse will focus on your breast area with soft massage of nipples. The ending includes a gentle massage of your private parts. If you’d like, you can even stimulate yourself with a hand or with a help of your masseuse. You can even take a shower together. Take a bite from the forbidden fruit. Enjoy a woman’s touch on your own skin.