Hello, I am masseuse with a beautiful figure and a very positive přístupek erotic massage. Glad handing out joy, smile and pleasure. Meet me at the Nuru massage or erotic. I offer happy hour massage of the penis, where he'll spend continuously in and out of the experience stronger. I look forward to see you :-)
Erotic massage
Nuru massage
Massage Lingamu
Royal massage
Body to body
Sultan soap massage
Tenga egg massage
Massage for couples
Massage for women
Breast massage
Mutual touch
Mutual satisfaction
Prostate massage
Shared shower


Age 18
Height 165
Weight 50
Bust: 3
Hair color
Languages CZ,AJ
Escort Yes

Price list

Service 60 minutes
Erotic massage 1500 CZK
Nuru massage 1800 CZK
Lingamu 2000 CZK
Soap massage 1600 CZK
Lesbishow + 400 CZK
Whirlpool + 500 CZK
Sauna + 500 CZK
Escort 2500 CZK
Sensual massage + 200 CZK
Prostate massage + 300 CZK
All pricing information can be found in the price list

My calendar

Friday (dnes) -
Saturday -
Sunday -
Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -


We can also enjoy erotic massage in 3 with one of my friends, who you can find in the following gallery. We will perform lesbishow for you together :)
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