Whirlpool and sauna

We opened a new branch for you at Lublaňská 1722/37, Prague 2 where you can also enjoy our massage in the Whirlpool and sauna.

More informations: masaze-infinity.cz

Hot tub

Our unique water massage provides natural stimulation of lymphatic circulation. Under water, there is a unique jet system with alternating and variable pressure.
Alternating and advancing pressure of the JUMBO JET jets helps the flow inside lymphatic vessels. There are up to 16 customizable massaging jets in the lymph node areas.


Our sauna is warmed up to the 90°C with humidity of approximately 15% maximum. Classic finish sauna is great for warming-through the whole body at high temperatures which results in intense sweating. The pleasant warmth is followed by rapid cool down. This is usually repeated several times. Correct “sauning” is good for improving organism immunity, especially against respiratory diseases, and leads to detoxication of the body.