Extra massages and services


If you like to be pampered also in the shower, your masseuse can be your company.
She will soap you all over and gently wash you.
Footjob is a massage done by feet of the intimate parts. The massage is performed in stockings or by bare feet.
If you like stockings, high heels, then this is something just for you. Fondling by bare feet or in stockings.
Don’t be ashamed to tell us what you like.
The prostate is one of the most important glands in a male body. Sometimes it is being called also the male G-spot.
It is situated inside of the pelvis. The prostate massage is very beneficial and exciting (brings deep and intensive sexual
enjoyments). In the beginning it may seem unusual or embarrassing, however, it is just a question of your attitude.
When taking the decision whether to start this massage or not it is necessary to keep on mind its benefits. It’s stimulation
has literally healing effects. It helps to prevent the prostate cancer and it prevents erection malfunctions as well.
Here is one thing to be kept on mind, it is not enough just trying it but also to go through the whole process.
You may find out after some time that you are experiencing new orgasmic enjoyments.

Prostate Massage Process

The prostate massage starts on the outer side (a spot under the testicles towards the anal whole) and then it continues
with a direct massage through the anal whole, with a gentle massage oil or a lubricant.
When doing the massage, due to the hygienic reasons, the masseuse uses a gentle latex glove. During a massage
a pleasant and intimate atmosphere comes, so gradually any embarrassment disappears. The prostate massage
helps to prevent the prostate cancer, its hypertrophy, and it prevents erection malfunctions as well.

The masseuse is satisfying herself – you can just watch her or you can help her with a proactive looks 🙂


Let two masseuses massaging you at the same time pamper you and experience something extraordinary! We offer you a four-hand massage with two masseuses. Your body will be coddled from your toes, through legs, groin, arms, abdomen, back, neck, shoulders and private parts. The combination of various massage techniques will enhance the whole erotic atmosphere. Enjoy this unique approach and the doubled sensual touch from our masseuses.
Everything begins with a mutual shower with the masseuses, as the proximity of the naked, wet bodies will be very exciting. Massaging proceeds being completely naked and you can touch your masseuses all over their bodies. You will be offered mutual pleasuring. During the massage, your whole body will be taken care of, mainly the erogenous zones. Thanks to closeness of the bodies, you will smell their scent and see how their tongues search for their most intimate body parts. You can watch how they play together or join them, everything within our rules. They offer you sexy bodies, professional touches, seductive looks and tenderness.
Pair massage is a perfect choice for you if you want to brighten up or liven up your sexual life. It’s very important for you to discuss with your partner how you want the massage to be done, what do you want to include and how it’s suppose to finish. It’s always better to limit the massage the way the more moderate partner wants it to be. The main goal of the massage is the satisfaction of both partners. It is well know that men love the presence of two naked women, even more when they are touching each other. Imagine how you hold hands with your girlfriend and the masseuses are sensually touching you. You can enjoy beautiful moments and experience them with your significant other. If you’d like, you can take the role of the masseur or masseuse yourself and massage your girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s not rare to be extremely excited during the massage and it’s completely up to you how the procedure will finish. The masseuses will be pleased to caress and tease you as much as you want, and if you’d like to have a moment for mutual intimacy with your partner, you will be given the opportunity. A shower, which can be taken together with your partner, is ready for you after the massage. We present you an erotic massage for both partners with an ending of your choice. Be pampered by a masseuse or enjoy an exciting sex with your partner, everything is up to your imagination. 🙂
Relaxing, erotic and intimate massage are not only for men. Let your significant other be taken care of with a lot of tenderness. Surprise them with a gift certificate for a massage. Even though we specialize in erotic massages for men, we have not forgotten about the women, who are embarrassed or simply not want to be massaged by a man. If you’d like, you will be taken care of by one of our beautiful and kind masseuses. They are very emphatic and they will quickly find out what feels good to you. Do you prefer soft fondling of your neck or back, or a sensual massage? Then you will find our services suited for you. If you are not familiar with the feeling of a beautiful girl fondling and softly massaging your private parts, you don’t know what you are missing. Who else should know what women like the most? A woman, of course! During the massage, the masseuse will focus on your breast area with soft massage of nipples. The ending includes a gentle massage of your private parts. If you’d like, you can even stimulate yourself with a hand or with a help of your masseuse. You can even take a shower together. Take a bite from the forbidden fruit. Enjoy a woman’s touch on your own skin.